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Kam-Mei Chak


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1:1 Sessions


I can help you get clear on your message and how to confidently put it out there with my bespoke Content Confidence 1:1 sessions, based on materials I've used and tested in dozens of group workshops, adapted for a private training.

If you’re a fellow introvert or have introvert tendencies when it comes to marketing your business, I can help you learn how to embrace and harness your quiet power to use social media in a way that works for you and will get your brilliant business out there into the world, where it deserves to be. 

Prices on request

Social Advertising


If you want  to spread your business message further,  whether that is selling products from your online shop, or getting customer leads for a service you provide, I can create and implement an Instagram and/or Facebook Advertising strategy.

  • Installation of Facebook pixel

  • Audience research

  • Creation of landing pages

  • Creative and copy

  • Ongoing testing

  • Optimisation & scaling

From £500 + ad spend

(min. recommended ad spend


Audit & Strategy



Does your business have a social media strategy?

If you're spending time on social media without one, you're not getting the most out of your time. 


I can audit your current social channels and provide an in-depth strategy that will help you manage your own social media better, so that you can achieve your business goals, whether that's brand awareness, increased reach and engagement, or increased website traffic. 

From £400.


I run regular workshops for groups of individuals and organisations so if you're a small business owner who needs to get more savvy about your own social media, or if you're part of a team that needs a deeper understanding of social, I can help.

Bespoke workshops available on request. 

Prices on request.


To get the most out of your social media platforms, you need to be spending around 5 hours per week per platform. If you'd rather spend that time running your business, you can leave your social media in safe hands with me.  

  • Strategic platform management 

  • Daily engagement

  • Influencer mapping

  • Curation of quality content 

  • Creation of original content

  • Monthly detailed activity report

Bespoke packages available on request.

From £500/month. 

Social Media



If you have a specific goal for your business, I can design and implement a social media campaign to reach your target audience and engage your community.

Whether it's a product launch, an event or a new service to promote, I'll help you get the word out to the right people.

Prices on request. 

About Me

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Hi, I’m Kam-Mei.


I’m a social introvert, and a social media expert.

I’m a passionate believer in the incredible power of social media for good, and and I love working with ethical businesses to help them harness that power and make their vision a reality.


I deliver social media coaching and training to small business owners across London and have come to realise that teaching the practical knowledge and techniques is just not enough to get your social media sparkling. Because the ‘mind stuff’ gets in the way. So my social media training is built on a foundation of mindset. 

If you’re a fellow introvert or have introvert tendencies when it comes to your marketing, I can help you figure out how to use social media in a way that works for you and will get your brilliant business/product/message out there into the world, where it deserves to be. 

I have over 15 years experience in project management and business development in the media, culture and charity sectors, all of which I now bring to benefit my social media clients.




Charlotte Rampling, 


Flying Colours 

"Kam-Mei's Social Media Savvy workshop was so helpful and straightforward; pitched at our level of expertise, we all left buzzing with ideas to put into action. As a result I have booked 2 further training sessions with Kam--Mei for groups of local business women."

Kyle Finch,


Be Love Apparel

"Kam-Mei helped us in ways we didn't even know we needed! She gained an in-depth knowledge of our market and subsequently ran a holiday marketing campaign that exceeded all our expectations. She also made solid online connections that are still vital to our business today.

Damien McGlynn,


Kam-Mei ran a Facebook advertising campaign for our European network over a few months. She was incredibly thorough and really easy to work with - always clear, responsive and considerate. We were absolutely delighted with the results too. This has set us in a much stronger position and is something we simply couldn't have achieved without her expertise. Our audience is complicated and diverse, spanning many countries and languages, but Kam-Mei tackled this with ease and give us extremely impressive results. I'd recommend her services to anyone! 




Soil Association Scotland

Kam-Mei reinvigorated our team's enthusiasm for Facebook and gave us the tools and mindset needed to get started. A really thorough, thoughtful and useful two hours to get us optimising and growing our food and farming charity's Facebook page.

Tessa Marchington,


Music in Offices

"I love working with Kam-Mei. She always goes beyond what is needed and writes considered, well researched content. She is a very valued member of the team who always listens to what is needed and delivers with thoughtfully crafted solutions."

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