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1:1 Sessions

You’ve worked hard to get your business up and running, and you know you need to be using social media to get your message out there, but there’s still something getting in the way of your success… or more likely some things! 


Any of these thoughts 👇 sound familiar?


I’m not sure when to post, how to use hashtags, how to get people engaging with my content or even seeing it in the first place…


I don’t want to start properly until I know exactly what I’m doing...


Grid posts, Insta Stories, Facebook, Twitter - there’s so much to do I don’t know where to start...


Selling doesn’t feel like ‘me’...


I hate putting myself out there - photos, videos, live streams, eurrgh 


I’m worried about what people will think of my posts...


Who wants to hear my thoughts and opinions anyway?


If a mixture of some or all of these thoughts are going around in your head and getting you precisely NOWHERE, I can help. 







How we can work together 


I can work with you one-to-one on practical social media support alongside confidence-building techniques so that you can be yourself on social media and feel proud of what you’re sharing.


I can help you set up your channels so that you can feel sure that your social media genuinely represents your brand - and you can stop second guessing whether your audience will relate.


I can support you in getting clear and confident in your messaging - so that you know that if some people don’t like it, it’s not about you, it just means they’re not your customers.


And I can definitely help you feel more comfortable being seen on social media- whether that's via text, photo or video, so that you can move out of fear and into confidence… We’ll find a way that works for you because even if you’re terrified of putting yourself out there, it is possible to change that. 


I know from experience. 


I spent years behind the scenes helping clients build their social media but when it came to doing my own, I was scared of putting myself out there - even though I knew all the theory inside-out and was able to make it work for others! I’ve learned to work with instead of against my introvert nature to figure out a way of doing it that works for me. 


Why work with me?


I’ve worked with dozens of small business owners on their social media over the past years and I’ve realised that teaching the practical knowledge and techniques alone are not enough to get your social media sparkling....


Because the ‘mind stuff’ gets in the way - especially if you’re a woman and you've started your own business after years of being employed - I should know, I have very much been there. 


That’s why my approach is two-layered - I teach the practical stuff on a foundation of mind stuff. No those are not the technical terms, but I’m keeping it real!


If you’re a fellow introvert or have introvert tendencies when it comes to marketing your business, I can help you learn how to embrace and harness your quiet power to use social media in a way that works for you and will get your brilliant business out there into the world, where it deserves to be. 


How does it work?

  • In advance of a 1:1 session, we will have a 30 minute call where we establish your social media needs and what exactly you want to get out of the sessions. 

  • I then create a bespoke training for you, based on materials I've used and tested in dozens of group workshops, adapted for your needs right now.

  • We’ll have 2 x 1.5-hour sessions over a period of up to 4 weeks, which we’ll do online, with an video tool called Zoom (super-easy to use so don’t worry if you haven’t used it before)

  • Two weeks later, we’ll have a 30 minute progress call to check in, make sure you’re on the right track and go through any questions or challenges that have come up for you. 

  • After the session you will receive a Zoom recording of the session and a pdf of any slides used. 


Investment: £495



  • 1 x 30 minute introductory session

  • Bespoke training sessions created for you: 2 x 1.5hr sessions

  • 1 x 30 minute progress check

  • Worksheets

  • Recording of Zoom sessions

  • Pdf of slides emailed to you after the session

  • Email support in between sessions

  • BONUS: Content Scheduling Cheat Sheet - how to get the most out of scheduling tools and save hours with my content planning templates 

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