#InstaRebalance Challenge


If you want to be active on Instagram to get your business out there BUT


You find it draining…


It leaves you in a less than positive headspace…


You have the energy to do it for a while but then the momentum goes...


You find yourself not knowing what to post next…


This challenge will help you reignite your love for Insta AND leave you feeling nourished. 


Social media can be exhausting and takes up so much energy - especially if we’re trying to be on it regularly and consistently for our business. 


I find that the only way to do that successfully is to be consciously replenishing your energy to counterbalance what I call the ‘social media energy suck’ 


If you’re an introvert the suck is bigger. That sounds weird but you know how being an introvert doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t like or enjoy social situations, just that you might need to lie down in a dark room afterwards…  I’m exaggerating but you know what I mean, ‘people time’ is good but we need to balance it out with quiet time!


Same goes on Instagram. We introverts are as capable as extroverts of being brilliant on Insta - but it’s more draining for us and we need to replace the energy that’s taken away. 


So, how do you do that? With a daily mindful habit that can take just 5 minutes a day, you start setting the pattern for a healthy habit of self-awareness which sets you up for a better relationship with Instagram. 


So this is a challenge with a difference. Every day you’ll get a prompt plus a tip for an engaging Instagram post or story AND a prompt for a ‘rebalance’ (using breath, mindfulness, gratitude and other lovely stuff) that can be done in 5 minutes or less. 


If you haven't done an Instagram challenge before, they're a great way to build a regular posting habit and build relationships with like-minded people on Instagram. And of course this challenge also helps you build self-care habits while you're doing that. 

Starting next Monday 2 December. Sign up above now to get the daily prompts direct to your inbox and follow along on Insta - follow me @kammeic and follow the hashtag #InstaRebalance